Mistress Gaia – Savour The Flavour – HD

ITALIAN SPEAKINGToday you will be my puppy, and as I stand over you holding your leash I want you to sit still. I’m going to give you a little treat. This will not take too long so pay attention, and I know your hungry but be patient. Then I slowly remove my shorts to reveal my black panties. There is excitement in your eyes, and you can’t help licking you lips. I slip them off and place your bowl under my beautiful ass, you will soon enjoy your little treat. I relieve myself, and you are now about to enjoy a delicious bowl of savoury scat. Don’t gulp it down, you must take your time and savour the flavour…

Mistress Gaia - Savour The Flavour - HD

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Mistress Gaia – A Festive Liqueur – HD

I have my slave in the dungeon, and he is going to have to show me some appreciation if he wants to receive his Christmas gift. He aske me if he could worship my boots, so I decided to allow him so use his tongue and make sure my boots are clean. With him on his knees, I use his body as my step up to get onto the the bench. Once I’m comfortable, I tell him to get licking and If he makes a good enough job of cleaning my boots, I’ll give him his Christmas gift. After a while, it’s time to check if he deserver anything. Well… I have to admit he deserves something. He says he’s thirsty, so I’m going to allow him the pleasure of drinking my pee. I get him to put the funnel in his mouth and kneel beneath me, and once I’m ready I piss into the funnel. He has to make sure he drinks all of it and not spill any. I also spit a few times into his funnel, what a nice combination to go with my delicious amber nectar. I relax and watch as my lucky bitch enjoys his Chrismas liqueur…

Mistress Gaia - A Festive Liqueur - HD

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Mistress Gaia – Dog Bowl To Diaper

CUSTOM REQUEST – The clip starts with you defecating in a (dog) bowl. Then you go to a male slave who is bound to a cross/the wall. You greet him by spitting in his mouth and face and slapping his face. Then you hold the bowl in front of his nose and tell him to inhale the smell deeply. Then you start feeding him with the spoon. You admonish the slave strongly that he will be punished, if he does not eat with pleasure and joy and eat everything. While the slave is eating you mock him heartlessly and spit at him. To ensure the swallowing you gag him with your hand. After a while you untie him and make him kneel before you. You put the remainder of the caviar in a diaper and tell him to continue to eat your caviar out of the diaper while he kneels on the floor and his are bound behind his back. While he is eating you press his head brutally into the pile of caviar. At the end you fasten the diaper with the remaining caviar around his head so that the caviar covers his face and then you make him lie on the floor and you sit on his diapered face…

Mistress Gaia - Dog Bowl To Diaper

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Goddess Mistress Gaia

CUSTOM REQUESTOne of my most affectionate virtual servant asked me many times to fulfill one of his wish. He has been purchasing all my clips (he doesn’t miss one on yezz), Therefore I decided that it’s time comes to fulfill his wish: let the camera filming me while I’m in bathroom at my house. You may think there is nothing special in doing that; I filmed so many videos like this… The fact that it won’t be how the voyeur dreamed about. Because the punishment, perhaps even more coveted than the desire to watch me, will be exemplary… I’ll wash his face in the most appropriate way… in my shit!

Goddess Mistress Gaia

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Mistress Gaia – The Magic Shit

CUSTOM REQUEST – ” Good morning Mistress,the custom request is a bit special, always based on domination scat and skirts fetishism, but with a supernatural plot.You are a witch and, in essence, you use your magical powers to cast me a spell that transforms me permanently in your toilet.How does this happen?First you draw a pervert (me), leaving your dirty underwear outside the door, on which you cast a spell that stuns and immobilizes who touches them. The video opens with you seeing that Your trap works well and and you are satisfied with this thing, and now you have the raw material for your spell.Then the video off and you explain that you cast a spell that aims to turn me forever in your toilet.The spell is in three phases:Before the slave must worship your shoes imploring you to turn him into a toilet.Then the witch piss in the slave’s mouth, turning him into a toilet, but the transformation is not permanent, he can still go back.Finally the witch shit in the slave’s mouth, making the final and permanent transformation.You enjoy in explaining these things, you rule me mentally and order me to submit to you, and then you begin the ritual.Video as usual in pov style, you wear a skirt, a dark gothic skirt. A witch skirt …Thanks !!! ?’

Mistress Gaia - The Magic Shit

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Mistress Gaia – Thirsty For My Pee

As It’s a hot day, I poured some juice out for my slave. I came back to find he hadn’t drank any of it. I asked him what was wrong with it. He replied it was sour. I informed him it was fresh, and that he was being rude for not drinking it. So I have bound him tightly to the cross and he’s going to be punished. I have a nice dressage whip and he will feel real pain. As I begin whipping him he quickly begins to feel real pain. He’s going to wish he had taken his drink. I ask him if his mouth is now dry as he begs me for some water. I tell him he’s going to get a drink soon. I get a dog bowl and show it to him. Then after filling it with my pee, I tell him his drink is waiting for him. However, I’m not finished punishing him. I go and get some ground salt and using my feet begin shoving it into his mouth. To make sure he swallows it, I give him some footgagging. With his mouth now exceptionaly dry, I tell him it’s time for his drink. Lifting the dog bowl I pour my pee into his mouth almots chokinghim with it as he swallows. He has had the pleasure of enjoying the juice of Mistress Gaia…

Mistress Gaia - Thirsty For My Pee

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Mistress Gaia – My Double Treat

I have my slave waiting for me on the floor. He’s in heat and wants to play with himself. I ordered him to wait until I arrived. It’s nearly lunch time. So i’m going to give my slut a double treat. I said he could masturbate while I give him a good helping of scat. He is not allowed to cum until I give him permission. As I sit on top of my slut I get him to open his mouth nice and wide to recieve his delightful treat. What a good helping I give him, he almost chokes as my shit fills his mouth and covers his face. I then tell him he must continue to play with his cock, while I relax and use him as my footstool. I watch as he chews and swallows all my scat. Only when it is finished will he be allowed to cum. Such a lucky slave, getting a rare double treat from Mistress Gaia…

Mistress Gaia - My Double Treat

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Mistress Gaia – His First Bowl Of Scat- HD

Today I have a new slut that wants to be my scat toilet slave. I’m going to instruct him in the behavior expected from a toilet slave. One of the first things he must learn is obedience. So with him on his knees kneeling in front of me, I order him to lick my boots. I want to see his tongue working and making sure he cleans them properly. I then get him to lick and suck my stiletto heels, they may be used to discipline him later. He’s doing not too badly for a learner, and as I push his face into my beautiful ass, I allow him the luxury of smelling the aroma of my farts. I then remove my panties and get him to smell them. What a lucky slut he is. I continue with his training, placing a bowl on the floor and getting him to observe my relieving myself. As he looks on I’m sure he is very keen to enjoy his next snack. I hand him the bowl, and tell him to hold it close to his face and smell the aroma of my delicious shit. However, he must not eat any of it just yet. As a reward for his good progress, I allow him to play with his cock. At the same time, he is holding the bowl near his mouth with his other hand and thinking about licking his first taste of my shit. As I show him my pussy, my slut cums in his hand. I tell him to keep hold of his mess, and go and clean himself. Then he will return and finish his first bowl of scat…

Mistress Gaia - His First Bowl Of Scat- HD

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Mistress Gaia – Butt Plug Scat Slut

My Louboutine shoes are frightfully expensive. I want to keep them clean at all times. So I have my scat slut here in my dungeon to lick them clean for me. If he knows what’s good for him, he better make a good job of them. I have some toys to hand in case he needs to be punished. As he licks my shoes, I begin to feel a little restless and decide to have some fun with my slut. So I put him on his knees and chain his arms behind him. Well lubricated, the large butt plug is going to make sure his ass is open nice and wide, and he suffers for me. It’s also near lunch time. I’m sure my scat slut is getting hungry. So I prepare his lunch, a nice bowl full of my shit. I’m going to make sure the filthy slut enjoys all of it. I begin feeding it to him making sure he chews and swallows it. As if my giving him his lunch wasn’t enough. He asks to be further rewarded by masturbating himself. I don’t want him to soil my rug. I tell him to crawl to the tiled area making sure he keeps his butt plug in place. As he begins to jerk off. I get out my flogger, and give him a good lashing. As he cums, I tell him he must clean his mess by licking my tiles nice and clean. He seems to have no problem eating my shit. However, he doesn’t like the idea of licking his own cum. What a slut… I think I’ll replace the flogger with my whip!

Mistress Gaia - Butt Plug Scat Slut

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