Japanese Femdom Scat 3

Very Sexy,Sadistic and Perverted Japanese Females using there male slaves as toilets !! The clip starts with a very attractive Japanese Mistress taking a huge shit into her masochist male slaves mouth, the pathetic slave has taken a very heavy beating, his body covered in severe purple marks and welts !! very extreme !!In another clip, three attractive females dominate there male slave, burning his body with lighted cigarettes, stuffing the slaves mouth with waste, and pissing over him.

Japanese Femdom Scat  3

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Goddess Bella 9

First clip features the sexy and perverted Goddess Bella nude and taking a huge shit into her tranny slaves mouth, as Sandy sucks and eats Bella’s shit masturbating itself.Goddess Bella continues degrading her toilet slut, squatting in the nude over her pig, smeared in shit and takes a long piss into the filthy sluts mouth, Bella then poses nude in front of Sandy showing off her sexy arse and big tits !! filmed in real time and slow motion.In the next clip, taken from another session, Goddess Bella films her toilet slut Sandy, verbally abusing and degrading the cunt as it sucks on a big rubber cock, eats it’s own shit, smears shit all over it’s marked and welted disgusting body, Sandy shits onto a paper plate and Bella orders her slut to eat it, then Sandy lays on it’s back, excited and masturbating it’s big hard shit covered cock, as Goddess Bella’s sexy voice continues to degrade Sandy until the toilet slut orgasms.

Goddess Bella  9

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Black Mistress Toilet Slave 2

Sexy & Perverted Black Mistress Onyx in some very extreme and bizarre scenes degrading her sissy tranny toilet slave.Totally nude, the sexy Black Mistress climbs on top of the sofa, with her tranny toilet slave under her beautiful black arse and proceeds to take a huge shit into her tranny sluts mouth !!What follows next, is even more depraved as the Black Mistress turns her slave into a badly degraded toilet pig !! completely covered in piles of stinking shit and manure !!To complete her shit covered sissy’s humiliation, the sexy and nude Black Mistress pours rotting garbage and used condom’s over the disgusting toilet pig !!

Black Mistress Toilet Slave  2

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Smeared My Huge Shit On My Pussy

My Boyfriend was working and i was in the kitchen to wash the dishes, hearing some music.My thoughts drifted away and suddenly i got some hot thoughts playing in my Mind.My boyfriend was hours away from the end of the working day. I decided to have some fun alone with myself.The good thing was i needed to poop anyway, so it just was alot of more fun.I put the Camera on and recorded it to this point where i wanted to have a bit more privacy with myself.Some days later my boyfriend told me that he was jerking off to the video i made alone.This made me really horny when he told me that, but thats another story.Have fun watching!Lots of love,LucyScat

Smeared My Huge Shit On My Pussy

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